How to Increase Brand Awareness in Bunbury with Badgers Embroidery

Workwear by BadgersWhen it comes to ways to increase your business exposure, most businesses rely on online resources such as social media. While online is a wonderful business tool, it’s important to not forget more traditional forms of brand awareness to promote who you are and what you do too.

Business branded apparel is a great way to increase your businesses brand awareness. One of the best techniques to use to brand your business apparel is embroidery or sublimation printing. Why? It looks professional, can be applied to most materials and will stand the test of time, even after being washed or dry cleaned regularly.

Wanting to increase your businesses brand awareness? Read on to learn ways embroidered or sublimation printing can help including:

  • Business Branded Advertising
  • Promotional Items
  • Staff Uniforms

Business Branded Advertising

Business branded advertising is an ideal way to promote your business and who you are and what you do. When potential customers see your brand they may not need your services there and then, however, in time when they do need the product or service you offer, they are more likely to think of you as they have seen your brand in the past. If your business does displays or trade shows, a business branded tablecloth is a great way to increase brand awareness. If your business is outdoors, ensure all staff have an embroidered hat promoting the business. If your business is in the fitness industry, ensure each member is given an embroidered hand towel when joining.

Promotional Items

Optimised Tuning Solutions logoBusiness branded promotional items are an ideal way to increase brand awareness. Promotional items can include clothing plus beanies, bags, badges or towels. Having your promotional material embroidered is a long-lasting solution that ensures your business name and logo is of high quality and looks its best. Embroidered or sublimation printed promotional items can be used to generate leads too. Customers can be rewarded for ‘referring a friend’ or for their business and loyalty by receiving an embroidered or sublimation printed item. You don’t know where and when these will be worn or used resulting in increasing your brand awareness and promoting your business.

Staff Uniforms

Whether your business has 1 or 1000 employees, embroidered or sublimation printed staff uniforms not only portray a level of professionalism, but are a great way to increase your brand awareness. For a summer uniform – short sleeve shirts, shorts, skirts, pants and hats can be branded while in winter long sleeve shirts, jackets, jumpers and beanies. Your staff will look professional and they are helping to promote your brand on their way to and from work too.

Increase your Brand Awareness with Badgers Embroidery Bunbury Embroidery and Sublimation Printing

Whether you are wanting a one-off item or multiple items all the same, Badgers Embroidery can help. Badgers Embroidery offer a wide selection of high quality custom embroidery solutions. No embroidery job is too big or too small. With a pick-up and delivery service available, the team are ready to take your call today on 9791 4644.