Where Can I Get My Sports Uniform Numbers Done?

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Sports uniforms need to be unique, have great colours with specific depth and dimensions to show you mean business when you are out on the field with your team. When it comes to the numbers on the uniform this needs to have clean lines so that it can be legible from a distance.

This can be all captured with sublimation printing at Badgers embroidery. Sublimation printing is fantastic for depth due to the fact that ink is infused into the material and not just the surface. Your colours will stay true and won’t run, streak, crack or chip and the print will stay the same all season long. Sport items of shirts, shorts, pants and hats can all be printed by the sublimation process.

Why Sublimation Printing Works:

  • Designs
  • Variety
  • Stay Fast
  • Orders


Your design is printed exactly how you want onto the fabric and if you don’t have a design for your club or sporting association our team can work with you to create the ideal uniform for you.


Sporting Shirt

Your print can be applied to a variety of fabrics polyester, viscose and cotton and rayon, a member of the team will be able to speak with you about the best product for your choice.

Stay Fast

Ink is set into the material and not the surface, giving a long lasting print of colour throughout the duration of product life.


When it comes to ordering for your teams, we have a minimum order of 12 or more for your convenience.

Sublimation Printing at Its Best

Badgers Embroidery can work with you on a wide range of items that you would like to personalise, from Baby wear, school items, hats, bags, scarfs. There is no limit to the imagination. Contact Badgers Embroidery today and get a free quote on 9791 4644.