Embroidery Solutions for Back to School with Badgers Embroidery Bunbury

Back to school item - school bagThe weeks leading up to students heading back to school can certainly be a busy time. Not only is there the purchasing of books, supplies and clothing, but the task of labelling items to ensure they make their way back to the student if misplaced.

While there are many traditional and modern ways to label back to school supplies and clothing, having a name embroidered on the items provides a long lasting, durable solution.

Read on to learn 5 Back to School items that Badgers Embroidery can embroider including:

  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Uniforms
  • Towels
  • Badges


At Badgers Embroidery, you can purchase caps or hats with or without embroidery. If your child can wear a hat of their own choose, why not have a hat embroidered with their favourite colours or image so they can identify their hat from others. For those schools who have a hat as part of the uniform, consider having your child’s name or initials embroidered on the inside of the hat so it can be returned if lost.


There are many different types of bags that can be personalised with embroidery including school bags, library bags, chair bags and sporting bags. Having your child’s name embroidered on the various bags used at school can make it easy to identify amongst others all the same.


Handwritten labels on uniforms can begin to wear away little by little as uniforms are laundered. A permanent solution is embroidering your child’s name, small or large, into their school uniforms. This will save repeated visits to the lost property box or costly visits to the uniform shop.


customised towel by BADGERSMany school sporting activities require students to bring their own towel. Having towels that are being taken and used at school embroidered not only looks great but can help it find its way back to the owner. With many cotton colour options available, it is not only names that could be embroidered but a symbol or image too.


If you have multiple back to school items that you would like to label with your child’s name, Badgers Embroidery can create a unique badge just for you. Our embroidered cloth badges come in many shapes, sizes and colours; we can make a badge to suit your need. These badges can then simply be sewn onto any back to school items that need to be labelled.

Badgers Embroidery offer a wide selection of high-quality embroidery solutions onsite at their showroom at 2/13 Sandridge Road in Bunbury.

Badgers Embroidery offer a large range of superior quality fabrics and stitching materials that are guaranteed to ensure your children’s school products are labelled correctly and will last the new school year ahead.

From school items to corporate workwear to personalised items, Badgers Embroidery offer a trustworthy and reliable service.

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