What Fabrics Can I Have Embroidered?

personalised oneoffIf you have an item that you are considering having embroidered, it’s reassuring to know that just about any fabric can be embroidered. Before an item is embroidered, there is preparation work that is involved to ensure the best possible result. This includes finalising and perfecting the design, choosing the thread plus working out the best way to embroider the item to get the best finish.

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Read on to learn more about what fabrics can be embroidered including:

  • Sturdy fabrics
  • Delicate fabrics
  • Thread

Sturdy Fabrics

Sturdy fabrics that are often embroidered include twill and canvas. These fabrics are ideal to be embroidered and produce great results. Apparel and accessories that are twill are canvas can include items such as work shirts, hats and bags.

Delicate Fabrics

JLM-HaulageWhile delicate fabrics can be embroidered, they must be treated and handled with care to ensure they aren’t damaged during the process. Delicate fabrics include fabrics that are fine and thinner such as silk or polyester. Apparel and accessories that are often delicate fabrics can include ties, ladies formal wear and silk pillowcases.


The best thread to use when embroidering an item is determined by the type of fabric plus the design. As thread comes in an extensive range of colours, it can easily be matched and as embroidered imprints are programmed into a machine, it is easy to switch from one colour to another. The number of stitches it will take to create a design is referred to as the stitch count.

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