What is The Timeframe to Have Uniforms Embroidered?

Workwear by BadgersWhether a business owner, manager or an employee, having work uniforms embroidered can be the finishing touch to make them present professionally. There are many choices of what to have embroidered on uniforms including business name, business logo and employees name and there are different ways to do these including embroidery and sublimation printing.

Whether you are looking for a one-off item or multiple items, Badgers Embroidery have the tools and equipment to embroider or sublimation print your uniforms.

Wondering how long it will take to have your uniforms embroidered? Read on to learn 3 questions that can determine the expected timeframe including:

  • How many uniforms are there?
  • What month of the year is the job being completed?
  • Are the uniforms being sublimation printed or embroidered?

How many uniforms are there?

One large factor to determine a timeframe is the number of clothing items to be embroidered. To ensure a high-quality finished product, it’s important that the correct time is taken in the preparation and process. If you require artwork to be designed and setup or a special font, this will involve extra time to setup our machines to print, sublimate or embroider your design.

What month of the year is the job being completed?

As with most businesses, there are peak months of the year.  Personalised gifts orders increase around Christmas time and when the weather gets nicer for weddings, christenings and large parties, we experience demand for event memorabilia. The start of sports seasons are also busy times for Badgers Embroidery, as team uniforms require embroidery and printing for coaches, players and committee members. Rest assured, no matter the month of the year, Badgers Embroidery team will endeavour to have your items ready for completion in the shortest timeframe possible.

Agriculture - Workwear by Badgers Embroidery BunburyAre the uniforms being sublimation printed or embroidered?

If you wish to have your uniforms sublimation printed, this process includes having patterns and designs fused into the fabric and will take considerably longer than embroidery. If your design has already been embroidered or printed by Badgers Embroidery and you do not require initial setup, this significantly reduces the amount of time it will take.

Have your uniforms embroidered or sublimation printed with Badgers Embroidery Bunbury.

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