Embroidery Solutions for Back to School with Badgers Embroidery Bunbury

Back to school item - school bagThe weeks leading up to students heading back to school can certainly be a busy time. Not only is there the purchasing of books, supplies and clothing, but the task of labelling items to ensure they make their way back to the student if misplaced.

While there are many traditional and modern ways to label back to school supplies and clothing, having a name embroidered on the items provides a long lasting, durable solution.

Read on to learn 5 Back to School items that Badgers Embroidery can embroider including:

  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Uniforms
  • Towels
  • Badges


At Badgers Embroidery, you can purchase caps or hats with or without embroidery. If your child can wear a hat of their own choose, why not have a hat embroidered with their favourite colours or image so they can identify their hat from others. For those schools who have a hat as part of the uniform, consider having your child’s name or initials embroidered on the inside of the hat so it can be returned if lost.


There are many different types of bags that can be personalised with embroidery including school bags, library bags, chair bags and sporting bags. Having your child’s name embroidered on the various bags used at school can make it easy to identify amongst others all the same.


Handwritten labels on uniforms can begin to wear away little by little as uniforms are laundered. A permanent solution is embroidering your child’s name, small or large, into their school uniforms. This will save repeated visits to the lost property box or costly visits to the uniform shop.


customised towel by BADGERSMany school sporting activities require students to bring their own towel. Having towels that are being taken and used at school embroidered not only looks great but can help it find its way back to the owner. With many cotton colour options available, it is not only names that could be embroidered but a symbol or image too.


If you have multiple back to school items that you would like to label with your child’s name, Badgers Embroidery can create a unique badge just for you. Our embroidered cloth badges come in many shapes, sizes and colours; we can make a badge to suit your need. These badges can then simply be sewn onto any back to school items that need to be labelled.

Badgers Embroidery offer a wide selection of high-quality embroidery solutions onsite at their showroom at 2/13 Sandridge Road in Bunbury.

Badgers Embroidery offer a large range of superior quality fabrics and stitching materials that are guaranteed to ensure your children’s school products are labelled correctly and will last the new school year ahead.

From school items to corporate workwear to personalised items, Badgers Embroidery offer a trustworthy and reliable service.

Call and speak to one of their friendly staff today on 9791 4644.

Embroidery Gifts For Weddings

weddingWhen it comes to weddings, embroidered gifts for the wedding party, the guests and even the bride and groom can add a personal and delicate touch to even the most elaborate of nuptials. On a day that is all about love, there is nothing quite like a gift made especially for the happy couple or a customised thank you present for bridesmaids or groomsmen and the weddings attendees.

Just some ideas for wedding embroidery for your special day include:

  • Bonbonniere and Guest Gifts
  • Bride and Groom Gifts
  • Wedding Party Attire
  • Pre-Wedding Fun
  • Parents Gifts
  • Keepsakes

Bonbonniere and Guest Gifts

It has always been customary to leave a small gift for your guests on your wedding day, so why not make it extra special? Small bags of sugared almonds or pot pourri are making a comeback and can be embroidered with the bride and groom’s initials and wedding date, a small poem, a thankyou note or even individual guest names. Napkins and placeholders can also be embroidered with these details as beautiful take home keepsakes.

Bride and Groom Gifts

There is a huge variety of gifts you can embroid with a special date for the special couple. Pillows for the couch, bathrobes for the honeymoon and towels for the home can be designed and embellished with something unique and functional for the bride and groom to keep for years to come.

Wedding Party Attire

There really are no rules when it comes to the dress code for the wedding party; whatever the bride and groom want, goes. Make it fun with embroidered boxer shorts for the groomsmen and underwear for the bridesmaids, a fun and meaningful symbol on the dresses or the shirts. Not limited to just the wedding party, you can add a little something to the bride and groom’s outfits too.

Wedding Party Gifts

You will want to say thank you to your wedding party in the most meaningful way, so make it extra personal with embroidery. Bags, robes and slippers for the ladies embroidered with names are simple and can be multi-purpose after the big day. Hats, stubby holders and shirts for the boys will keep for years. Even the most unique of wedding accessories, such as umbrellas and fans, can be elegantly embroidered to remember the day.

Pre-Wedding Fun

Did anyone say bachelor party? Or a girl’s night out for hen’s? Make the night memorable and your photos special with embroidered shirts for this once-in-a-lifetime party!

Parents Gifts

Examples - Embrodiery for your needsWhether they are in your bridal party or just playing a big part on the day, both sets of parents should be recognised at your wedding. Traditionally, an embroidered handkerchief is given to either (or both) parents with a note from either their own child or soon to be ‘in-law’. Other ideas include a special note embroidered on a tie for Dad, fabric photo frames or a wall hanging. Make it personal and extra special by signing both names.


Have you ever noticed that the traditional horseshoe and love heart charms a bride carries on her wedding day have never really ever gone out of style? Even though not as popular as in the past, a simply embroidered horseshoe or love heart charm presented to the bridal couple on their wedding day is still considered a sweet and thoughtful gift to wish them both the best of luck in their marriage.

Embroidery Gifts For Weddings

At Badgers Embroidery, we delight in celebrating these occasions with custom designed items for even the wildest of imaginations. Call us today on 08 9791 4644 and let Badgers Embroidery Bunbury assist you with creating the wedding day gifts of your dreams.

Where Can I Get My Businesses Uniforms Embroidered in Bunbury?

Workwear by Badgers

Having your businesses uniforms embroidered has many benefits. Not only does it portray professionalism, but it also increases your brands awareness and is a way of promoting who you are and what you do.

Badgers Embroidery is locally owned and operated in Bunbury and specialises in offering a wide selection of high-quality custom embroidery solutions that can be personalised to your needs.

Read on to learn how Badgers Embroidery can assist with embroidering your businesses uniforms including:

  • What uniform items can I have embroidered?
  • What can be embroidered onto uniforms?
  • Digitise your design to ensure a quality finish
  • Stitch Count
  • Thread Colours

What uniform items can I have embroidered?

Depending on your industry, many businesses uniforms may have varying uniforms depending on the seasons. Uniforms can include shirts, vests, jackets, skirts, pants and shorts. Other common uniform items that can be embroidered includes hats, beanies, socks, scarves and towels.

What can be embroidered onto uniforms?

Embroidering your businesses uniforms can make your business stand out from the crowd. While the obvious solution for embroidery would be to have your businesses logo on uniforms there are other options available too. These can include your employees name or your businesses phone number.

Digitise your design to ensure a quality finish

Hi-Vis workwear

Before a logo or artwork can be embroidered onto a uniform, it must be in the correct format. Our team has extensive experience in assisting our clients to ensure their artwork is in the correct format for embroidery. Once we receive your artwork, we digitise the design to ensure a high quality finish.

Stitch Count

Stitch count refers to the amount of stitches it will take to recreate your chosen designs and/or logo onto your uniforms fabric. This figure is calculated by the machine that sews the finish product. Stitch Count is how the item can be quoted so before artwork goes ahead you can be given a quote.

Thread Colours

Company logos and branding come in a range of colours. The extensive range of thread colours available allows a colour match as close as possible for your embroidery. As embroidered imprints are programmed into a machine, it is easy to switch from one colour to another.

For high quality embroidery for your businesses’ uniforms, Badgers Embroidery are only a call away

You can trust the expert, friendly and reliable service provided by Badgers Embroidery. We offer affordable prices and fast turn arounds and offer a pick-up and delivery service in the South West

Call in and chat to our team at Unit 2, 13 Sandridge Road in Bunbury or call us on 9791 4644.