Where Can I Get a Unique Baby Shower Gift in Bunbury?

Customised One offA baby shower is a happy occasion to gather friends and family and celebrate a pending arrival. If you are looking for a unique gift for a baby shower and the parents to be, Badgers Embroidery can help. A personalised gift shows you really care and have thought about giving a gift that is truly special and will be treasured for years to come.   

Badgers Embroidery in Bunbury can help create a unique baby gift. Read on to learn a few great gift ideas including:

  • Embroidered Towel and Face Washer
  • Embroidered Baby Blanket
  • Embroidered Clothing

Embroidered Towel and Face Washer

An embroidered towel and face washer make a beautiful baby shower gift. If you know the gender of the baby, a pink or blue towel is traditional with a personalised message especially from you. A towel and face washer could also be embroidered with a picture to fit the theme of the babies nursery or embroidered with the same coloured cotton as the nursery walls.

Embroidered Baby Blanket

Baby blanketA baby blanket makes a lovely baby shower gift and can be turned into a special heirloom that can be passed down to future siblings or generations. Whether a light blanket or wrap for summer months or a thicker blanket for winter, Badgers can embroider a baby blanket especially to your needs.

Embroidered Clothing

Clothing is a popular present to give to the soon to be parents for their pending arrival. Add a special touch to baby clothing by having them embroidered with a special picture, trim or words. For a totally unique gift, have an item of clothing embroidered for the parents to be and the baby. Embroidery gives a long lasting and quality finish to clothing to turn it into a long lasting and memorable keepsake. 

To create a unique and special baby gift in Bunbury and surrounds, speak to the team at Badgers Embroidery Bunbury

Badgers Embroidery experienced team and up to date embroidery equipment, allows us to do all our embroidery onsite.  We have vast experience in creating a range of unique gift ideas and can assist with design ideas to design and create the perfect baby shower gift.  

Call in and speak to our team at 13 Sandridge Road, Bunbury or call our team for expert advice and a free quote today on 9791 4644.

How to Increase Brand Awareness in Bunbury with Badgers Embroidery

Workwear by BadgersWhen it comes to ways to increase your business exposure, most businesses rely on online resources such as social media. While online is a wonderful business tool, it’s important to not forget more traditional forms of brand awareness to promote who you are and what you do too.

Business branded apparel is a great way to increase your businesses brand awareness. One of the best techniques to use to brand your business apparel is embroidery or sublimation printing. Why? It looks professional, can be applied to most materials and will stand the test of time, even after being washed or dry cleaned regularly.

Wanting to increase your businesses brand awareness? Read on to learn ways embroidered or sublimation printing can help including:

  • Business Branded Advertising
  • Promotional Items
  • Staff Uniforms

Business Branded Advertising

Business branded advertising is an ideal way to promote your business and who you are and what you do. When potential customers see your brand they may not need your services there and then, however, in time when they do need the product or service you offer, they are more likely to think of you as they have seen your brand in the past. If your business does displays or trade shows, a business branded tablecloth is a great way to increase brand awareness. If your business is outdoors, ensure all staff have an embroidered hat promoting the business. If your business is in the fitness industry, ensure each member is given an embroidered hand towel when joining.

Promotional Items

Optimised Tuning Solutions logoBusiness branded promotional items are an ideal way to increase brand awareness. Promotional items can include clothing plus beanies, bags, badges or towels. Having your promotional material embroidered is a long-lasting solution that ensures your business name and logo is of high quality and looks its best. Embroidered or sublimation printed promotional items can be used to generate leads too. Customers can be rewarded for ‘referring a friend’ or for their business and loyalty by receiving an embroidered or sublimation printed item. You don’t know where and when these will be worn or used resulting in increasing your brand awareness and promoting your business.

Staff Uniforms

Whether your business has 1 or 1000 employees, embroidered or sublimation printed staff uniforms not only portray a level of professionalism, but are a great way to increase your brand awareness. For a summer uniform – short sleeve shirts, shorts, skirts, pants and hats can be branded while in winter long sleeve shirts, jackets, jumpers and beanies. Your staff will look professional and they are helping to promote your brand on their way to and from work too.

Increase your Brand Awareness with Badgers Embroidery Bunbury Embroidery and Sublimation Printing

Whether you are wanting a one-off item or multiple items all the same, Badgers Embroidery can help. Badgers Embroidery offer a wide selection of high quality custom embroidery solutions. No embroidery job is too big or too small. With a pick-up and delivery service available, the team are ready to take your call today on 9791 4644.

Where Can I Get a Personalised Mother’s Day Gift in Bunbury?

Badgers Embroidery specialise in One Off Embroidery ItemsAs the situation around the Coronavirus continues to develop, this Mother’s Day is looking to be very different for most Mum’s with most families not being able to share the day together and celebrate. While this is understandable and what needs to be done to stay safe and stay well, you can still spoil your Mum or the special mother figure in your life this Mother’s Day.

If you are looking for a unique gift, sure to impress, and to show how much you really care Badgers Embroidery can help. Whether you are wanting a one-off item or multiple items all the same, Badgers Embroidery have you covered plus we offer a contactless pick-up and delivery service.

Wondering how Badgers Embroidery can personalise a Mother’s Day gift for you? Our range of services include:

  • Embroidered Keepsakes
  • Embroidered Clothing
  • Sublimation Printing

Embroidered Keepsakes

Embroidery gives a long lasting and quality finish to create a long lasting and memorable keepsake. Wondering what keepsake to personalise with embroidery? You can send a message of love through having a hankie, bag, pillowcase, tea towel, face washer, tablecloth or cushion embroidered with a personalised message especially from you.

Embroidered Clothing

Having a clothing item personalised with embroidery makes a memorable Mother’s Day gift. Personalise clothing items such as a bath robe, pyjamas or t-shirt with your Mum’s name. Badgers up to date equipment allows our experience team to do all our embroidery onsite. Need help with design ideas? Our team can work with you to design the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Sublimation Printing

When clothing is sublimated, the inks are fused into the fabric making it resistant to running, cracking or chipping easily. Even after regular washing, the prints don’t fade. Sublimation can be applied to almost all fabrics, clothes and accessories. A sublimated Mother’s Day gift will last and be treasured for many years ahead.

For a Personalised Mother’s Day gift with contactless pick-up and delivery, call Badgers Embroidery Bunbury

Badgers Embroidery are only a call away and ready to assist with creating a personalised Mother’s Day gift for your Mum or mother figure in your life. We can help with all your personalised gifting needs including birthdays too.

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