Personalised Gift Ideas for Father’s Day in Bunbury

Fathers Day towel

A personalised gift is one straight from the heart and shows the receiver you have put special thought into what to give. Not only will a personalised gift be memorable but can be catered to suit all Dad’s from first time fathers to grandads to father figures.

Badgers Embroidery can personalise a gift for your Dad this Father’s Day. Here are just a few reasons a personalised gift from Badgers Embroidery is sure to impress:

  • Large Range of Fonts, Style and Colour Options
  • Create a Unique Gift
  • Trusted and Reliable Service

Large Range of Fonts, Style and Colour Options

Does your Dad have a favourite colour? You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to colour options with a wide range of threads to choose from. If your Dad is a sports fan you can have your gift embroidered or sublimation printed in his favourite sporting team’s colours. Whether the personalised gift is a formal product (such as a tie or handkerchief) or an informal product (like a sports bag or hat) there will also be a font style and size that is the perfect fit.

Create a Unique Gift

Customers have the choice of providing their own item to be personalised or we stock a large range of products too. Create a unique, one-off gift for Father’s Day with a personalised clothing item such as a t-shirt, jacket, robe, hat, tie or socks.

A personalised travel or toiletries bag makes a great gift idea for Dad and can be embroidered with a personal message, especially from you, for Dad to read when travelling.

Boss – Personalised Towel

Does your Dad have a favourite hobby? Personalise a gift that he can use when enjoying this hobby. If your Dad enjoys the beach, a personalised beach towel makes a great unique gift or a Dad that enjoys curling up on the lounge watching movies, a personalised blanket or rug makes a great gift. 

Trusted and Reliable Service

Take the stress out of your Father’s Day shopping and trust the reliable service provided by Badgers Embroidery who pride themselves on their ability to listen to their customers and produce superior quality products that see customers return time and time again. We offer affordable prices and fast turn arounds and will ensure your gift is ready on time.

Looking for a Personalised Gift for Father’s Day? Call Badgers Embroidery for inspiration and expert advice

Badgers Embroidery are only a call away to help you create a memorable gift for Father’s Day. Call in and see the team at
Unit 2, 13 Sandridge Road in Bunbury or call them today on 9794 4644.

Where to Get A Unique Baby Shower Present?

Special baby present - Embrodierd gift

There is nothing more special than a new baby coming into the world and giving a great keep sake for a baby shower present is also very special too.

Badgers Embroidery can help you create that wonderful gift you are looking for. With some imagination you can turn a seemingly ordinary item into a very personalised gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Maybe you would like to create a special something for Mum, Dad and the new addition for the family that no one else will ever have.

Embroidery is always one of the great finishes to an item that brings that wonderful touch to an item.

Great ideas for Gifts

  • Don’t forget about Mum
  • Baby Bundles
  • Quilted Blankets
  • Garments

Don’t forget about Mum

It usually is always about the new addition coming into the family that gets all the attention but wouldn’t it be so nice to give Mum that special something too? A clever saying on a nightie, maybe embroidery on a dressing gown. Why not make a Mum and Baby twin pack for towels and matching face washers is always a lovely personal touch.

Baby Bundles

Giving a baby bundle is so special and gives plenty of options of supplies for Mum too, having a selection of certain items labelled with names gives an individual flair to the bundle. Clothing pack of items could include jump suits, beanies, mittens and socks. Or do a bath pack with a towel, face washer and topping up with some lovely care items will bring the pack to completion.

Quilted Blankets

Baby Gift by Badgers Embroidery

If you have creative family and friends who make beautiful quilts, placing a wonderful signature of embroidery or personalised message on the item will give a fantastic finish making a true keepsake for years to come.


Embroidery works and looks fantastic on a range of fabrics, so depending on the item of choice, speak with the team about the product you want to use. Some great ideas could be Baby towels, face washers, bonnets, socks, t-shirts, pants, stockings, leggings, baby blankets, pillows, face washers, baby bags or mittens, matching Mum and baby dressing gowns or outfits. If there a siblings to the baby having a special set of t-shirts made up Lil Sis, Big Sis, Lil Bro Big Bro or similar will make the family members feel very important.

Quality Embroidery from A Locally Owned and Operated Company

When it comes to embroidery, Badgers Embroidery is the quality you can trust in Bunbury specialising in a variety of materials, clothing and accessories contact us on 9791 4644 today to discuss your new baby present needs.

Where Can I Get My Sports Uniform Numbers Done?

Sublimated Clothing by Badgers Embroidery-1

Sports uniforms need to be unique, have great colours with specific depth and dimensions to show you mean business when you are out on the field with your team. When it comes to the numbers on the uniform this needs to have clean lines so that it can be legible from a distance.

This can be all captured with sublimation printing at Badgers embroidery. Sublimation printing is fantastic for depth due to the fact that ink is infused into the material and not just the surface. Your colours will stay true and won’t run, streak, crack or chip and the print will stay the same all season long. Sport items of shirts, shorts, pants and hats can all be printed by the sublimation process.

Why Sublimation Printing Works:

  • Designs
  • Variety
  • Stay Fast
  • Orders


Your design is printed exactly how you want onto the fabric and if you don’t have a design for your club or sporting association our team can work with you to create the ideal uniform for you.


Sporting Shirt

Your print can be applied to a variety of fabrics polyester, viscose and cotton and rayon, a member of the team will be able to speak with you about the best product for your choice.

Stay Fast

Ink is set into the material and not the surface, giving a long lasting print of colour throughout the duration of product life.


When it comes to ordering for your teams, we have a minimum order of 12 or more for your convenience.

Sublimation Printing at Its Best

Badgers Embroidery can work with you on a wide range of items that you would like to personalise, from Baby wear, school items, hats, bags, scarfs. There is no limit to the imagination. Contact Badgers Embroidery today and get a free quote on 9791 4644.

How can I get a logo put on my work shirt in Bunbury?

Direct Embroidery - Workwear by Badgers Embroidery BunburyHere at Badgers Embroidery in Bunbury – we can very simply and promptly add a logo to your work shirt!  We are a locally owned business who specialise in industrial clothing and corporate uniforms.

Just drop it off to us at Unit 2, 13 Sandridge Road, tell our friendly and helpful staff what you need, we will get it done for you and at a very affordable price.  It couldn’t be any easier.

Logos for Workwear

Our extensive array of embroidery includes:

  • Hi Vis uniforms
  • shirts, polo tops and T-shirts
  • dresses and skirts
  • pants
  • jackets
  • corporate uniforms
  • industry specific uniforms eg. hospitals, medical and hospitality, aprons, scrubs,
  • workwear
  • hats, beanies
  • sports and school uniforms.

We do direct to garment embroidery – which saves time too.  Contact Badgers Embroidery for your obligation free quote.

Hat - Direct Embroidery by Badgers Embroidery BunburyLogos for Caps, Hats, Beanies

Are you also looking for embroidery to go on your work cap, hat or beanie?  (The beanies look really cool!)  Be sure to pop into Badgers Embroidery and view our selection or flick through our catalogue to help you with your ideas.  Our brilliantly striking embroidery won’t disappoint.  We can give your items that personal touch with their very own names on them – and give them that sense of pride.  Headwear of every description is also very popular with our sporting clubs.

Be sure to pop into Badgers Embroidery and view our selection or flick through our catalogue to help you with your ideas.  Our brilliantly striking embroidery won’t disappoint.  We can give your items that personal touch with their very own names on them – and give them that sense of pride.  Headwear of every description is also very popular with our sporting clubs.

Logos, Badges & Direct to Garment

We specialise in logo embroidery on an extensive range of clothing and accessories – not limited to just work wear.

Come and see us at Badgers Embroidery for all of your workwear embroidered logos.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a uniform, jacket, Hi Vis shirt, polo shirt, a bag or a cap – we do it all!  We can pick up and deliver to you in the South West as well – giving you that extra service!  We can digitise your logo directly onto your work shirt.

Make your business stand out from the rest.

Call Badgers Embroidery today on 9791 4644

Back To School with Badgers Embroidery

Wellington Dam Classic Hat - Sport EmbroideryIt’s the start of yet another school year and whilst most parents will be breathing a collective sigh of relief, some will be discovering the frustration of lost school items over the next few weeks. Whether your child has written their name on everything, from pencils to school hats, it is usually inevitable that something will go missing. Or maybe you’ve forgotten to put your child’s name on some of their belongings? Either way, Badgers Embroidery has you covered.

Our extensive range of premium quality fabrics and stitching materials will ensure your embroidery will last for a long time. Custom embroidering your child’s school items not only identifies them clearly as theirs, it also deters misunderstandings and mix-ups in ownership of items.

Some great school products we can embroid include:

  • School Hats
  • School Chair Bags and Library Bags
  • School Bags

School Hats

Arguably the most lost item in the school playground, school hats are often plain and easy to misplace. Embroidering your child’s name, small or large, into their school hat will keep you from having to re-visit the uniform shop quite so frequently to purchase new ones and assist school staff with efficiently returning lost property.

School Chair Bags and Library Bags

BagA number of schools promote chair bags as a means of extra storage for children’s school work, homework and books, however these bags can get misplaced and/or confused with other children, not to mention washed and stored as household linen when they are brought home. Library bags are essential to borrow books from the school library and encourage children to care for books that aren’t theirs. Both of these items can be embroidered with your child’s name for easy location and return, as well as identification purposes for relief teachers and support staff.

School Bags

When 30 kids in one class have the same school bag, it can make the process of collecting items from, or delivering to, their bags very confusing and time consuming. Getting your child’s name embroidered on their school bag makes it easily noticed and accessible, not to mention easier for teaching staff and for you at home.

Who Can Assist Me with Fast, Affordable Embroidery in Bunbury?

Badgers Embroidery offers a wide selection of high quality embroidery solutions onsite in Bunbury.
From school items to corporate workwear, personalised items are our specialty.
For a free quote, call and chat to our friendly staff today on 9791 4644 or visit the showroom at 2/13 Sandridge Rd, Bunbury.

Looking for last minute Christmas Ideas?

ChristmasWhen it comes to picking that special gift that is different to everyone elses, Badgers Embroidery is the place to go.

Need a gift for the school teacher? New baby in the family? Sporting Coach? Your Employer? Ideas are only limited to the imagination.

Having the option for sublimation printing on clothing is also a wonderful personalisation for that special gift.

Whether you are looking for one off printing or a large stock of printing, Badgers will have you covered. Going to a one stop shop too minimises driving around everywhere and spending a whole day shopping, once you place your order leave it with the experts and they will let you know when your item(s) are ready for collection.

Ideas of plenty

  • Custom Embroidery
  • Sublimation Clothing
  • Badges

Custom Embroidery

Personalised TowelEmbroidery always makes items look so professional, when someone gets a gift with their name printed, it makes it a more personal gift, also giving a great label so items are not so easily lost. Items of baby bonnets, beanies, hats, sashes, his and her towels, baby towels or one for the whole family will save on future conversations of “Who left the towel on the floor?” School Bags with his or her favourite sport can also be printed, Tea Towels with special Christmas messages.

Sublimation Clothing

Is a fantastic way of giving all over colour to your clothing item, they don’t fade as the ink is infused into the material and won’t run or crack. Items of printing from sporting items, polos, hoodies, or tees can give that extra personalised touch for a present and if you’re not sure what kind of design you would like, speak with the staff and they can work with you to create what your wanting.


Badges are a terrific way to advertise businesses, schools, clubs and organisations. Making a badge personal for the person gives the option for them to affix the badges to any item of their choice, be jacket, hat, beanie, school bags.

Need some Inspiration with Your Gift Giving?

Badgers Embroidery will be able to help give you the inspiration your looking for finding that special gift. Contact the local family business on 9794 4644.