What is Sublimation Printing?


Have you heard of sublimation printing, but unsure of what it involves? Sublimation printing differs to embroidery as the ink is infused into the fabric. The method of sublimation involves transferring an image or text using ink and heat. An item that is sublimation printed looks fantastic as sublimation produces vivid and vibrant colour.

Badgers Embroidery are sublimation printing specialists. Badgers range of up to date equipment can apply sublimation to clothing of your choice. Sports uniforms are one item that Badgers Embroidery has extensive experience in sublimation printing including sponsors details, team logos and player names and numbers.

Read on to learn 3 benefits of having clothing sublimation printed including:

  • Long lasting
  • Suitable for various material
  • Customise to your design needs

Long lasting

Choosing to have clothing sublimation printed will give you peace of mind the result will be long lasting. The depth and vibrancy of colours is not only long lasting but sublimation printing won’t run, streak, crack or chip. When washed, fabric that has been sublimation printed will retain its quality adding to the long-lasting benefits.

Suitable for various material

Sublimation printing can be applied to various fabrics including polyester, viscose, cotton and rayon. Sublimation printing won’t change the feel of a fabric. The print won’t feel heavy or thick. The fabric is unchanged after being printed, except for the addition of the text or image.

sublimation clothing

Many people think it is only clothing that can be sublimation printed however this is not the case. Apparel such as bed spreads and cushion covers may also be suitable for sublimation printing.

Customise to your design needs

The process of sublimation allows your design to be customised to your exact needs. You may have an existing design you would like sublimation printed onto clothing or need help customising a design for your exact needs. The team at Badgers Embroidery can work with you to customise and bring your design idea to life.

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Badgers Embroidery Bunbury offers sublimation printing to Bunbury and surrounding areas in the South West. With a minimum order of 12, means you can get high quality, long lasting items suited to your exact needs.

The team at Badgers Embroidery also specialise in a wide selection of high-quality custom embroidery solutions.

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