Where Can I Get Shirts Embroidered in Bunbury?

Direct Embroidery - Workwear by Badgers Embroidery BunburyEmbroidery is a long lasting and high-quality way to customise shirts. Whether one or multiple shirts are required, embroidery can create, embellish, personalise and decorate patterns, symbols or letters onto a shirt. With an extensive range of thread colour and design options available, embroidery is a wise choice for many occasions.

Read on to learn 5 great reasons to have shirts embroidered including:

  • Work
  • School
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Special Occasion
  • Hobby or Activity


Having work shirts embroidered ensures your workplace is portrayed as professional. As embroidery is a long-lasting solution it is a good idea to have staff names embroidered onto shirts. This saves the need for name badges and the time or hassle of staff forgetting to wear or losing their name badge too.


No matter the type of school, embroidery is a great option for uniforms. Shirts, polo tops, jumpers and cardigans can all be embroidered. If your children are notorious for losing school jumpers or sports shirts, have their name and your phone number embroidered on the inside to ensure if any items are lost, they can find their way back to you.

Birthday Celebration

Workwear by BadgersCelebrating a special birthday? Why not have shirts embroidered with a special birthday message. A customised shirt also makes a great gift for someone special to mark a birthday. It can be embroidered with their favourite saying, colour, design, logo or nickname.

Special Occasion

There are many special occasions that are celebrated amongst family and friends. Imagine the guest of honours surprise if you and other family and friends arrive wearing a custom embroidered shirt to celebrate the occasion. Special occasions could include a hens day, bucks night, bridal parties, family reunions or a holiday getaway.

Hobby or Activity

Many hobby and activity groups like to wear personalised shirts when meeting. Whether you belong to a choir, craft group, chess club, dance troupe or sporting club ensure you all look the part with embroidered shirts. These are great to wear when out in public to advertise your hobby and activity and attract new members too.

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